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Seeley Family Law practices family law exclusively. Our clients include CEOs, start-up founders, engineers, scientists, homemakers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, salaried employees and many others.  Our firm uses a team-based approach and works tirelessly to achieve your objectives. We develop strategies to meet your goals whether you need a simple division of assets and debts or your case involves more complex issues like a business valuation, analysis of stock options and RSUs or a high-conflict custody dispute.  We are committed to high ethical standards of practice and to maintaining respect and collegiality with our clients, opposing counsel, judges and court personnel.

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Proven Success

H. Yvonne Seeley has been practicing family law in California for over 35 years and has had a family law practice in San Mateo County for over 30 years. She is a Certified Family Law Specialist as awarded by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and she also holds a masters degree in business. She has been selected as a Super Lawyers honoree since 2016 based on the recommendations of her peers and a reviewing committee. Ms. Seeley has been highly successful in trials, court hearings, settlements and mediation both in public court and with private judges.

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What sets us apart is the level of client service our attorneys and staff provide. Phone calls and emails are almost always returned within 24 hours, as we recognize that divorce and custody-related matters are some of the most difficult and stressful experiences our clients will face. We are sensitive to the costs involved, both financial and emotional, and we take a big-picture approach to our clients’ cases to help our clients stay focused on their children and work priorities. Our goal is not just to bring the case to a conclusion but to help transition our clients to a better place.

We understand that for most mothers and fathers their children are their very highest priority. Children are also the highest priority of our family law courts. At Seeley Family Law, we take the time to get to know you and we work closely with you and with outside therapists if appropriate.  Our focus on your goals helps us get you a child-centered parenting plan which works for you, by negotiation or by litigation if necessary.

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At the outset of your case, we will assess which dispute-resolution vehicle is the most suitable for your case, including negotiation for out-of-court settlement, mediation, collaborative practice, litigation in public court or with a private judge, given the issues at hand, dynamics between the parties, opposing counsel, size of your marital estate and level of income. While in some cases, litigation is unavoidable, the policy of the State of California and our family law courts is to promote the settlement of family law cases, as is ours.

Our attorneys and staff work as a team on your case, delegating work when appropriate to associate attorneys or paralegals to ensure that your case will be handled economically.  We work closely with our clients, keeping you apprised of the developments in your case and giving you cost-savings options whenever possible.

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We know that the most successful settlements come from intense trial preparation. We thoroughly and meticulously prepare contested cases which are headed for trial.

H. Yvonne Seeley is an experienced civil litigator who specialized in civil jury trials and appeals before transitioning to family law. All of our attorneys are trained in trial work practice.

Our attorneys represent clients before public court and private judges. Private judges are a good option for clients with privacy concerns or who desire a more efficient trial or settlement process. For further information, please contact Seeley Family Law Practice.