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Deep Experience With Family Law Matters

Seeley Family Law Practice is a full-service family law firm. Whether you need an initial consultation about divorce, a consulting attorney for mediation, a second opinion, or full legal representation, we have the skills and resources necessary to assist you. Our attorneys have successfully represented a broad range of individuals, including venture capital partners, investment bankers, corporate executives, doctors, salaried employees, entrepreneurs, business owners, and stay-at-home parents.

We Practice in the Following Areas:

Marital dissolutions (i.e., divorce) and dissolutions of domestic partnerships

Asset division

Complex property distribution, such as business and venture capital interests, stock and stock option portfolios, retirement accounts, and residential and commercial real estate investments

Child custody, including high-conflict custody disputes and “move-away” cases

Child and Spousal support

Mediations and alternative dispute resolution

Prenuptial, postnuptial, and cohabitation agreements

Post-divorce custody and support modifications

Paternity cases

Restraining orders

Stepparent and grandparent adoptions