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Yvonne Seeley is a very experienced and knowledgeable trial attorney. She represented a family member in a complex divorce case and was very kind and patient throughout, making sure that her client was fully informed at every juncture. The courtesy and professionalism displayed by Yvonne and her staff throughout the process did a lot to minimize the stress and anxiety of a difficult time.

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Yvonne represented me in a complex divorce that lasted two years. She saved me and my child and I continue to view her as part of my family. Thank you, Yvonne

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Divorce and Family Law services are never ones you think or hope you’ll need. However, when you do need these services, you definitely want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, experienced and caring.

I’ve been working with Ms. Seeley for years and could not be happier with the overall service of her firm. Many attorneys have knowledge of the law and experience filing motions, helping with responsive declarations and representing you in court. But, other attributes make Ms. Seeley and the other attorneys and staff in her practice, exceptional.

You want someone who will truly listen and understand your case — not just the facts, but also the deeper issues, understanding what is important to you and what is not. You want someone who has been to court hundreds of times, knows the other attorneys and judges and, as a result, knows how to work within the system to best represent you.

You also want someone with the kind of experience that can bring in other experts, such as a special master, vocational assessor, custody evaluator, etc. I’ve worked with several different providers of Divorce and Family Law services but my search has been over for a number of years. Why change when you are already working with the best!

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Experienced and Made a Very Hard Process Easier

I had a very difficult divorce that took a great deal of time to get through. Yvonne and her staff were an amazing support through the entire process. Yvonne was sensitive, supportive, strong and extremely knowledgeable, fair and balanced. She fought for my situation and my children with unwavering strength. I always felt like she was levelheaded when at times when I may not have been. She guided me through a painful time and we ended up with an extremely successful outcome. I highly recommend Yvonne and her firm.

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Yvonne has represented me for over 5 years in a high-conflict divorce. This is not an exaggeration of the timeframe as the divorce was highly complex, hostile, and involved both children and assets. Throughout the engagement, Yvonne and her team have been professional, knowledgeable, and highly effective in all areas of providing legal guidance.

I can also say that Yvonne is very accomplished at courtroom appearances as we had many. In all our appearances she was excellent at preparing and litigating through very messy OPC issues. Also, worth noting is that it was clear that in making arguments in my case she was both highly regarded by the court and Judge, which only helped in the divorce matter.

Most important Yvonne has been a fantastic guide in keeping me on track from the start, through the middle of the awful waters, and she got me to the finish line. I can enthusiastically recommend Yvonne Seely due to the high-quality work she performed for my family.

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Yvonne Seeley helped me in a stressful family law case. She was understanding, and logical. Knew the San Mateo family law courts well. We consulted, put together a fact based logical strategy which ultimately ruled in my favor in front of a judge. I would definitely recommend Seeley Family Law to everybody out there.

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Excellent in so many ways

Can’t say enough about Ms. Seeley. I went through a high conflict divorce and there continues to be battles.

She handles everything like an ultimate. Many people understand the law but at the end of the day, especially when going through a difficult time, service becomes of paramount importance. Ms. Seeley is honest, responsible, professional, responsive and proactive.

And, on top of that, I found her experience to be a huge asset. Why is experience so important? Because experienced attorneys know the personalities of Judges and other attorneys. They know when to go to court and when to settle out of court. They also know 3rd parties such as custody evaluators, vocational assessors, mediators and others who become an important part of the process.

I recommend her without hesitation.

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I recently went through an otherwise very stressful divorce and court trial. I am a practicing physician and my ex a housewife for 17 years. I have three children. I was at a distinctly disadvantageous position to begin with. My divorce lasted for 2 years from the time of filling. My ex and her friend hired 2 teams of very aggressive attorneys from Southern California and San Francisco making the case very complicated, over litigated and stressful. I felt I was helpless until I met Yvonne Seeley and her team of associates and assistants. With professionalism, super knowledge of California family law, and super experience as a trial lawyer, I was able to more than survive the ordeal, ending with a fair and satisfactory trial result, and having my interest maximally protected. Ms. Seeley and her team, taking my interest in heart and practice, knowing what is relevant and what is not, have turned a very complicated, overwhelming and over litigated case into a relatively simple one, backed up by legally sound case laws, theories, reasoning and argument. In the process, she convincingly pointed out the obstreperous, dishonest and greedy nature of the other party. Ms. Yvonne Seeley and her team has walked extra miles to help me. I went through the darkness of a long tunnel that appeared without hope of reaching the other end, then rediscover meaning of life, and establish confidence in the fairness of the California court. This good lawyer makes a huge difference in my life. I recommend Ms. Seeley without any reservation. I whole heartedly thank Ms. Seeley and her team.