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Divorce and Family Law services are never ones you think or hope you’ll need. However, when you do need these services, you definitely want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, experienced and caring.

I’ve been working with Ms. Seeley for years and could not be happier with the overall service of her firm. Many attorneys have knowledge of the law and experience filing motions, helping with responsive declarations and representing you in court. But, other attributes make Ms. Seeley and the other attorneys and staff in her practice, exceptional.

You want someone who will truly listen and understand your case — not just the facts, but also the deeper issues, understanding what is important to you and what is not. You want someone who has been to court hundreds of times, knows the other attorneys and judges and, as a result, knows how to work within the system to best represent you.

You also want someone with the kind of experience that can bring in other experts, such as a special master, vocational assessor, custody evaluator, etc. I’ve worked with several different providers of Divorce and Family Law services but my search has been over for a number of years. Why change when you are already working with the best!