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Yvonne has represented me for over 5 years in a high-conflict divorce. This is not an exaggeration of the timeframe as the divorce was highly complex, hostile, and involved both children and assets. Throughout the engagement, Yvonne and her team have been professional, knowledgeable, and highly effective in all areas of providing legal guidance.

I can also say that Yvonne is very accomplished at courtroom appearances as we had many. In all our appearances she was excellent at preparing and litigating through very messy OPC issues. Also, worth noting is that it was clear that in making arguments in my case she was both highly regarded by the court and Judge, which only helped in the divorce matter.

Most important Yvonne has been a fantastic guide in keeping me on track from the start, through the middle of the awful waters, and she got me to the finish line. I can enthusiastically recommend Yvonne Seely due to the high-quality work she performed for my family.